SHOCKER: 287(g) Program Lacks Oversight, Violates Rights

A report released in March that revealed ICE’s 287(g) program of deputizing local law enforcement officers as immigration agents is poorly managed and routinely violates civil rights and liberties wouldn’t normally break news. The NYCLU, ACLU, and others have been saying as much for years.

But here’s the catch: this report came from the Department of Homeland Security, itself!

Think of this as akin to the Inspector General of McDonalds putting out a study saying that Chicken Nuggets make kids fat.

The 87-page report issued by the DHS Office of Inspector General (see the report here) details the ins and outs of the 287(g) program—and concludes that the localities don’t follow the regulations of the program and that the program itself is poorly supervised, lacking in oversight and training, shrouded in secrecy, and that ICE and local law enforcement violate civil rights and liberties as a result.

While the OIG went through the process of making 33 distinct recommendations to improve the program, we think the fix is pretty clear: end the 287(g) program and end local enforcement of immigration law.

The 287(g) program has long been a failure and this just makes it clearer. Any comprehensive immigration reform legislation ought to put an end to these programs that waste money and violate basic rights and liberties. Simple.