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To order print copies of a publication on a reproductive rights topic, use the Reproductive Rights Project publication order form, available for download in PDF format. To order any other publication in print form, call 212.607.3300. Most publications are also available for download in PDF form.
Fact Sheet: Paid Family Leave Insurance Act (2014)

When a family welcomes a new child or a family member has a medical emergency, too many New Yorkers are not able to take paid time off work. The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act will support New York workers by guaranteeing paid family leave to bond with their newborns and newly adopted children and to care for seriously ill family members. Paid family leave is good for New York families, good for New York businesses, and good for New York’s economy.

Annual Report (2013)

The victories of 2013 were far-reaching and numerous: Fair marriage won the day in the Supreme Court as DOMA tumbled, and stop-and-frisk was condemned as unconstitutional, opening the way for broad, progressive reforms. New York City and State stand poised for positive change, buoyed by a new mayoral administration explicitly committed to equity and advancing the rights of all New Yorkers.

Report: Beyond "Deliberate Indifference": An NYPD for All New Yorkers (2013)

The NYCLU’s report -- Beyond “Deliberate Indifference”: An NYPD for All New Yorkers – documents the failures of the NYPD under the Bloomberg administration with regard to discriminatory policing practices. It also provides detailed recommendations for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio to guide much-needed reform and offers a roadmap for a transparent, accountable NYPD that responds to, and respects, the needs of all New Yorkers.

Report: Restoring New York City, A Civil Liberties Agenda for the Mayor's First 100 Days (2013)

The New York Civil Liberties Union called on Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio to take steps during his first 100 days in office to restore New York City to a place where the rights and liberties of all people are protected and promoted by adopting a series of reforms that address issues of race, policing, education, immigrants’ rights, government accountability and the First Amendment.

Report: A, B, C, D, STPP: How School Discipline Feeds the School-to-Prison Pipeline (2013)

Overly punitive school discipline feeds the school-to-prison pipeline and contributes to the failure of New York’s public school system to educate the city’s most disadvantaged students. Research consistently demonstrates the importance of keeping students with the greatest academic and economic needs in school.

Know Your Rights: Frequently Asked Questions about New York's Marriage Equality Act (Updated: 2014)

Now that same-sex couples have the freedom to marry in New York and their marriages will be recognized by the federal government, the NYCLU has compiled a guide to answer some frequently asked questions about the Marriage Equality Act in 2011 and the impact of the 2013 Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. Please note: This brief overview is not intended to provide individualized legal advice.

Report: Marijuana Arrests Across New York State (2013)

There are stark racial disparities in low-level marijuana arrests in counties across New York State, according to a New York Civil Liberties Union analysis of federal crime reporting data from 2010.

Report: NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Activity in 2012 (2013)

In May 2012, the New York Civil Liberties Union released a detailed analysis of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk activity during 2011. Based on the NYPD database that the Department now makes public following earlier NYCLU litigation, the 2011 report examined stops, frisks, summonses, arrests, the use of force and gun recoveries, all on a citywide and precinct basis. The 2011 report also delved into the wide racial disparities in the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk regime.

Reference Card: Minors' Rights to Confidential Reproductive and Sexual Health Care in New York (2013)

Certain minors can consent to any type of health care on their own. If a minor falls into one or more of the following categories, then he or she can consent to any and all medical treatment confidentially, without involving a parent:

  • Emancipated minors: minors who are living on their own and are financially independent of their parents
  • Married minors
  • Minors who have children
Ending Discriminatory Policing in NYC (2013)

In communities across New York City, NYPD tactics disproportionately impact young black and Latino men. Stop-and-frisk, the overuse of low-level arrests and summonses, surveillance of Muslim communities and police intervention in school discipline are discriminatory tactics that harm communities and do not work to keep New Yorkers safe.

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