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Court Cases

Black v. Codd (Defending right to film or photograph police officers)

This case involved the general public’s right to film or photograph New York City police officers. In 1973, the NYCLU filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of a group of journalists and citizens called Black v. Codd that determined that filming or photographing officers was not a cause for arrest.

Charles v. City of New York (Challenging unlawful arrest of NYC resident for filming stop-and-frisk encounter)

E.D.N.Y., Index No. CV 12 6180 (direct) This case challenges the NYPD’s unlawful arrest of a Brooklyn woman for recording a stop-and-frisk encounter in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

Peoples v. Fischer (Challenging policies governing use of solitary confinement in New York's prisons)

S.D.N.Y., Index No. 11 CIV 2964 SAS (direct) This lawsuit challenged the system-wide policies and practices governing solitary confinement responsible for the arbitrary and unjustified use of extreme isolation on thousands of individuals incarcerated in New York’s prisons every year.

People v. Polhill (Challenging Queens DA’s pre-arraignment interrogation program)

(Also, People v. Douglas and People v. Dunbar) New York State Appellate Division, Second Department, Index Nos. 10-1680, 10-03763, 10-04786 (amicus)

McManus v. Horn (Challenging trial court’s use of "cash-only" bail)

New York State Court of Appeals, Index No. 34 (amicus) This case concerns whether state statute requires courts to provide defendants with the ability to secure pre-trial release using at least two forms of bail.

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