Cassandra "Bean" Minerd

Bean comes from a strong matriarch society. Her family holds strong titles within the Haudenosaunee confederacy. Her teachings come from her late grandmother, Eel clan mother, Phoebe Hill, and uncle Tadodaho, Sidney Hill. Bean received her BA from SUNY Brockport and a Master degree from SunyESF. Prior to joining the NYCLU, Bean was a caseworker, working alongside clients navigating personal and systematic barriers to safe, just, and adequate resources. Bean’s community leadership and expertise as lead negotiator, resulted in the City of Syracuse agreeing to remove the Christopher Columbus monument, in favor of creating a cultural heritage site where it stood (removal pending litigation outcome).

Bean joined the NYCLU in 2022 as a Strategist advocating for fairer treatment in public schools who predominantly serve Indigenous students. Bean uses her role and her Indigenous representation to uplift voices and needs of Indigenous communities. Bean is a kick ass Lacrosse player and plays internationally with the Haudenosaunee Women’s Senior Lacrosse Team. We are proud to welcome Bean to the Racial Justice Center and expand NYCLU’s footprint working alongside Indigenous Communities.

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