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Letter: Bush Re-Institutes Global Gag Rule

To the Editor:

President Bush misleads the public by stating that the administration simply plans to cut-off federal funds for abortions and abortion counseling provided at overseas health clinics. That is not possible. Legislation in place since 1973 already cuts off U.S. funds from abortion services abroad.

Rather, President Bush is poised to reinstate a “global gag rule” – the coercion of foreign family planning clinics to censor abortion counseling and end abortion services funded by their own money in exchange for receipt of U.S. funding for desperately-needed health services such as pre-natal care and STD and HIV treatment. Clinics that cannot spare U.S. funds also will be choked from lobbying their governments for change in abortion laws.

In his first day in office, President Bush has launched his first assault against women’s health.

Donna Lieberman
Acting Interim Director and
Reproductive Rights Project Director

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