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Outraged by courthouse arrests of immigrants? Good – Now grab your camera.

immigrant rights filming ice
By: Zach Ahmad Senior Policy Counsel, Policy

Under the Trump administration, ICE is using New York City courthouses to find and arrest immigrants, even witnesses and survivors of crime.

For many communities, these venues for justice have become spaces to fear and avoid.

This fear discourages immigrants from seeking help when they have been wronged, from serving as a resource for authorities, or even from defending themselves in court. Many worry that doing so will land them in the custody of federal agents, ripped from their lives and separated from their families.

But we don’t just have to accept ICE’s newfound fondness for staking out courthouses. In fact, most of us keep a device in our pocket that can fight back.

With your camera phone or other recorder, New Yorkers can film ICE outside of courthouses and document these practices. These videos help share important stories and show how ICE is operating so that communities and advocates can push back.

That’s why the NYCLU and the international human rights organization WITNESS created a new, simple guide to your rights.

We walk you through question like:

  • Can I film inside courthouses?
  • Can I film ICE agents making an arrest?
  • What should I film and what shouldn’t I film?
  • How can I protect my footage and myself?
  • What should I do with my footage?

You can read our entire FAQ here. 

If you’re outraged, just remember – You hold power in your pocket.


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