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Cornish v. Frankenbach (Challenging ban on anti-war posters at parade)

 This case involves a town refusing to allow a group of people to carry posters during a parade because of the posters’ content. In June 2006, the Village of Southampton, NY refused to allow a group of individuals to exhibit signs condemning the conflict in Iraq while they were marching in the July 4th parade.

In response to the Village’s denial, the NYCLU brought suit on June 30, 2006. As of June 2007, both parties agreed on the continuation of a preliminary injunction requiring the Village to allow people the right to carry protest signs while marching in the 2007 Fourth of July parade. The parties reached a settlement in May 2008. Under the settlement, the village agreed to enact a privision into the Village Code establishing procedures with regard to the annual Fourth of July parade. It also agreed to contribute $10,000 to the Peconic Land Trust.

E.D.N.Y, Index No. cv-06-3252 (direct)

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