Voting and protest are core rights we exercise to protect all others. During this crucial time – in which our rights, liberties, and future are on the line – the vote and protest need protection too. The NYCLU has ways you can take direct action NOW to defend our democracy.

Join our protest monitoring team

It’s more important than ever to defend freedom of expression, including the right to protest. This is especially true as people take to the streets to safeguard our democracy. A critical role of the NYCLU during protests is to be on the ground, monitoring and documenting police response to speech.

Volunteer as a protest monitor


Join a direct action in your community

Here are just some of the events happening in your community to protect The People’s voice in our government:

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Whether we’re defending the vote or protest or working to press forward on criminal legal reform, immigrants’ rights, protest protection and more, you can become active in your community for a better New York.

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