The NYCLU Associate Council is dedicated to advancing the mission of the NYCLU by recruiting and engaging a new generation of donors, members and volunteers. The Council is a group of diverse and socially conscious young professionals who serve as the governing body of the Next Generation Society. Council members aim to increase the financial resources of the NYCLU from younger donors by organizing dynamic social and professional events, growing the Next Generation Society and increasing the presence of younger NYCLU supporters at NYCLU and ACLU events. The Council has bi-monthly (every 2 months) meetings, and any subcommittees or taskforces formed will meet as needed.

The benefits of joining the Council include:

  • NYCLU and ACLU membership (with qualifying C4 gift of minimum $20)*
  • recognition on the NYCLU website
  • opportunities to broaden social and professional networks, including networking events
  • leadership and professional development opportunities, including opportunities to attend CLEs, activist/organizer trainings, or similar events
  • discounted tickets to NYCLU fundraising events

The Council commitments include:

  • an annual give-get contribution of at least $1,000
  • serving on at least one subcommittee or taskforce
  • attending the Next Generation annual fundraiser (attendance at other events is strongly encouraged)
  • actively engaging your social and professional networks to attend fundraising events and join the Next Generation Society

Members of the Associate Council are selected through a competitive application process. During our annual selection period, candidates submit a resumé along with a brief statement of purpose outlining why they are interested in serving on the Associate Council, and identifying any particular skills, experience, or affiliations that support their candidacy and eligibility to serve on the Associate Council. If interested, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more information.  



Daryl Drabinsky, Co-chair
Dominic Spence, Co-chair
Merinda Davis, Membership Chair
Kristin James, Fundraising Chair
Tori Noxon, Events Chair

Kate Barrow
Ilana Broad
Karen Chan
Abigail Davis
Alexander Do
Noël Duan
Sarah Istel
Kyle Jarrow
Neil Kelly
Elizabeth Knell
Paul Kremer
Max Milliken
Louis Monoyudis
Allen Nisanyan
Heather Parlier
Tara Popernik
Matthew Porcelli
Lisa Raymond-Tolan
Brice Rosenbloom
Samantha Rothaus
Kari Szul
Stephen Thompson
Sarah Tishler
Edward Tulin
Bharti Vural

Next Generation Society

The Next Generation Society is a membership group for young professionals, activists and philanthropists who are committed to supporting the work of the NYCLU. Members of the Next Generation Society bring an infusion of energy to the organization, diverse professional and social networks, and most importantly, their passion for protecting civil liberties for the coming generations. Members make a minimum annual contribution of $125.

The benefits of joining the Next Generation Society include:

  • NYCLU and ACLU membership (with qualifying C4 gift of minimum $20)*
  • Opportunities to attend social events hosted by the NYCLU Associate Council
  • Discounted tickets to NYCLU fundraising events

* Membership fees are non-tax-deductible C4 gifts, learn more about the two components of the ACLU.


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