Albany Police Department - Transparency Database

Based on information we've gathered, we have found that the Albany Police Department:

  • Generally was responsive to our public information requests, providing most of the requested documents and policies – or at least acknowledgments of the absence of such documents – after we filed an initial appeal.
  • Notably appeared to lack any policies governing how officers should conduct stops.
  • Could not find any policies on interacting with people with limited English proficiency and was unable to provide us with any training materials for any of the categories requested, including on stops and use of force.

The Albany Police Department needs to provide its officers and the public with policies that ensure stops are being conducted lawfully and should publically report on data to back that up.

Learn more about the Albany police department's policies and data by clicking the links below.

Departmental Policies and Data:

Department Diversity

Enforcement of Low-level Offenses

Equitable Policing

Police Misconduct

Stops, Field Interviews, Search and Seizure

Use of Force

Documents received by December 2016.

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