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NYPD officers have an enormous amount of power to impact the lives of thousands of New Yorkers every year. Though the department remains stubbornly resistant to full transparency and accountability, the NYCLU has obtained thousands of documents that shine an important light on the actions and abuses of NYPD officers. These documents – which include records of abuse allegations, stop-and-frisk data, and use of force reports – help paint a clearer picture of what one of the largest and most influential police departments on earth is up to.


Stop and Frisk Data

Misconduct Complaint Database

NYPD Discipline by the Numbers

Use of Force Data

Traffic Stop Data


Police officer at a school

Get Cops Out of Schools

More than 5,300 police officers are assigned to New York City schools, increasing the likelihood that students experience abuse and arrest when they should be met with compassion and inclusion.

We must get cops out of the classroom and fund real educational solutions.

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