New York’s Post-Roe Abortion Plan

New York state first opened its doors to abortion care five decades ago, and three years before the Court decided Roe. The Reproductive Health Act codifies Roe v. Wade in state law, recognizing abortion — and the whole range of reproductive care — as a fundamental right. Yet with the Supreme Court's decision to overturn RoeNew York must go further to ensure meaningful access to abortion care for anyone who needs it.


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Tell lawmakers to protect New Yorkers' access to abortion in the face of federal attacks.

Reproductive Health Care Saves Lives

While abortion remains legal and available in New York, there are increasing, nationwide attacks on access to reproductive healthcare.

Our state must close the gaps to abortion access that still exist. This means ensuring robust funding for abortion providers, as well as for the abortion funds and logistical support funds that make it possible for New Yorkers to access care.

Your Rights to Abortion Care in New York

Find information on insurance coverage, your legal rights to care, and more.

Abortion Access Rights in New York

Across the country, states are seeking to ban and eliminate access to abortion care. In New York, we are working to expand access to reproductive health care so that all people – both New Yorkers and those who need to travel to get care – can get the care they need in our state.

Information on when and why people seek abortion care, legal rights to care, details about insurance coverage requirements, and links to information on what to know before seeking care at the link below:

Abortion Access Roadmap

Lawmakers must take these critical steps to break down barriers to care, fully fund abortion access, and protect reproductive rights. 

Abortion Access Roadmap

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. Nearly half of U.S. states will now move to totally ban abortion — and many states already have. Meanwhile, access to abortion and other reproductive care is already non-existent in many parts of the country — even for some people right here in New York. With the fall of Roe, New York's existing protections for abortion won't be enough to ensure access. 

We must take action to make abortion access a reality for all New Yorkers now.

Fund Abortion

Your donations will make a real difference directly covering costs that are prohibiting people who need abortions from accessing them right now.

Abortion Rights Are Under Attack

With abortion now illegal across 26 states, people across the country in need of abortions will look to states like New York to provide them fundamental medical care. Many of them do not have the means to travel or fund their own abortions. This is especially true for communities with disproportionate barriers to care: young, poor, gender non-conforming and trans communities, and Black and Brown people.

For this reason, we recommend you give now, and give to multiple complementary organizations to make the most impact. Your donations to service providers will make a real difference directly covering costs that are prohibiting people who need abortions from accessing them right now. Together, we can fight to preserve this fundamental right.