NYPD Misconduct Complaint Database

The NYPD Misconduct Complaint Database is a repository of complaints made by the public on record at the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB). These complaints span two distinct periods: the time since the CCRB started operating as an independent city agency outside the NYPD in 1994 and the prior period when the CCRB operated within the NYPD. The database includes 323,911 unique complaint records involving 81,550 active or former NYPD officers. The database does not include pending complaints for which the CCRB has not completed an investigation as of July 2020.

Using the CCRB complaint history data, which the NYCLU obtained through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request, the NYCLU built a search tool to make the information more accessible. Each row of the database represents a unique complaint made against an NYPD officer, including the officer’s name, current rank, and current command (the NYPD unit where the officer was most recently assigned, which may have changed since the complaint was filed). It is not uncommon for a single police-civilian encounter to result in multiple complaints against the same officer or against multiple officers. 

About 19,000 complaints, most of which were filed before 2000, contain some identical allegations. Some of these entries may be duplicates in the data the CCRB produced, though the NYCLU does not have a way to confirm that. About 33,000 entries list officer information, but contain NULL values for the complaint fields. The NYCLU cannot confirm the reason for the missing information (these 33,000 entries have been removed from the “sort by officer” tab). Details about the CCRB investigation process can be found on their website.

This database reflects data the NYCLU received in July 2020 from the CCRB. Since then, the CCRB published their records as of March 4, 2021, available on their website.

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The database includes the following categories of information:

  • Last Name: Last name of officer named in the complaint.
  • First Name: First name of officer named in the complaint.
  • Officer ID: This is a unique number the CCRB creates and assigns to each officer about whom it receives a complaint. This number does not correspond to any number the NYPD assigns to officers, such as a badge number.
  • Rank: Current or most recent rank of officer named in complaint (e.g., Captain).
  • Command: NYPD unit where the named officer is currently or was most recently assigned (e.g., the 5th Precinct).
  • Incident ID: This is a unique number the CCRB assigns to each incident about which it receives a complaint. Multiple officers may be the subject of a complaint about the same incident.
  • Incident Date: Date on which the incident took place.
  • Complaint Category: Category of misconduct within the CCRB’s jurisdiction, which includes Force, Abuse of Authority, Discourtesy, and Offensive Language.
  • Allegation: Short description of the action in the complaint (e.g., Gun Drawn).
  • CCRB Finding: The CCRB’s final evaluation of the complaint. Details can be found on the CCRB website.
  • NYPD Finding: NYPD final disposition of the complaint.
  • Penalty: NYPD penalty given to the officer named in the complaint.

To access the raw database and file specification details, please visit the NYCLU’s GitHub page here. A previous version of the raw CCRB database file contained formatting errors that resulted in missing information. In the columns labeled “NYPD Disposition” and “Penalty Desc,” there were about 120 cells where data should have appeared yet the spreadsheet showed a blank value. If you downloaded the raw data before 12:00pm EST August 21, 2020, please download the corrected file that appears on the GitHub page now.

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