Strengthen Reproductive Rights in New York

Update 1.23.2019:

The state legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act and Gov. Cuomo signed the legislation into law minutes later. The RHA should send a message to lawmakers throughout the country -- that the time to protect reproductive freedom is now.  

President Trump is delivering on his promise to wage war against women.

He has appointed anti-abortion judges and gave the Supreme Court an anti-Roe majority. He wants to defund Planned Parenthood, and his administration and many states across the country are using every strategy possible to eliminate access to abortion. 

New Yorkers are calling on Albany to pass the Reproductive Health Act.

Written almost 50 years ago, New York’s abortion law is inadequate to protect women, especially if Roe falls. Among other problems, New York law regulates abortion as a crime — a homicide, no less. It doesn’t meet the constitutional standard of Roe. And it’s out of step with modern medical realities. These failures result in delays and denials of care.

The Reproductive Health Act would be a huge step toward fixing this. 

The RHA would treat abortion like health care, not like a criminal enterprise. It would allow women to get the care they need throughout a pregnancy; and it would protect the health professionals who provide vital care.

State leaders must strengthen the right to abortion in New York.