Eva-Maria Anthony
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I have been fortunate enough to serve on the NYCLU Board for four years.  Sadly, a lot has changed in the country in four years.  The struggle to defend freedom as we know it, of speech, the press, to control your own body, to be free from illegal stops and seizures, etc., has become ever more challenging and with no end in sight if current policies and actions go unchecked. 

The role of the NYCLU to check those who would prefer to go unchecked is more critical than ever.  The rights and liberties that the NYCLU has fought vigilantly to protect, and are the cornerstone of our freedom, are under ceaseless attack by this administration and those that have for decades sought to curtail our collective freedom.  As such, I remain committed to serving on the NYCLU board as long as you will have me.  

I currently serve as Chair of the Audit and Overnight Committee and play an active role on the Finance Committee.   I have also served previously on the Nominating committee.

By way of background, although I work in the private sector, my heart has always been in the fight for equality.  After completing a fine arts degree at Cooper Union in NYC, I attended Brooklyn Law School, where I became co-chair of the LBGT rights group.  After graduating, I joined the Board of the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York and have also served on the LGBT Rights Committee at the New York City Bar.

Deborah N. Archer
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

It was a privilege to serve on the Board of the NYCLU. I stepped off of the Board because of NYCLU’s term rotation policy. I would welcome the opportunity to rejoin the Board and ask for your support. 

As the child of Jamaican immigrants, I have experienced racial discrimination more times than I can count, and have faced the challenges of growing up poor in America. Fighting for civil rights and equal opportunity is a life-long commitment. I bring this perspective to everything I do.

Currently, I am a professor at NYU Law School and Director of the Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law. I currently serve as a member of the Executive Committee of the National Board of the ACLU and as one of the General Counsel to the Board. I am also the ACLU’s National Affiliate Equity Officer, working with affiliates to advance the goal of creating a national organization that is as diverse as the people and communities we serve. Previously, I was a Karpatkin Fellow in the National Legal Department of the ACLU and an attorney with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. During my previous service on the NYCLU Board, I was a member of the Executive Committee and chaired the Economic Justice Committee, guiding the adoption of NYCLU’s first economic justice policy. 

I have consistently worked to advance the mission of the ACLU and NYCLU. I would love the opportunity to continue that work as a member of the NYCLU Board.

Mayo Bartlett
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I am interested in serving on the NYCLU’s Board of Directors because I believe the organization serves an invaluable role in protecting and extending civil liberties for all, while amplifying the voices of those who are often not heard.  I was greatly impressed by the effort set forth by the NYCLU concerning Stop and Frisk, and I have often cited that work while assisting not-for-profit organizations with criminal justice initiatives.

It is my sincere belief that the NYCLU is one of the most important institutions in our state. This has consistently proven to be true, particularly when it supports the rights of those who may even despise it. In this time of ever-increasing divisiveness, and disregard for principle and truth, I would be honored to dedicate my time to the NYCLU.

Wesley Caines
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I am a Bronx native of Caribbean heritage and the proud father of two children, Ashley and Gregory. A graduate of Bard College and New York Theological Seminary, my life’s journey has enriched me with a perspective on the importance of human dignity and community engagement. I am a frequent speaker at colleges and universities as well as on panels and conferences across the country on my exceptional personal journey and how it informs my work in criminal justice reform.  

As Chief of Staff, I spearhead the organization’s systemic reform efforts which includes directing the policy, impact litigation, strategic communications and community organizing teams.  Prior to my current role, I was Director of Reentry & Community Engagement, roles which allowed me to work closely with directly impacted communities in understanding and developing strategies to overcome barriers that perpetually punish those ensnared in government systems. 

Before joining The Bronx Defenders, I worked at Brooklyn Defender Services and launched the Records Accuracy Project which utilized local area law students to identify and correct RAP sheet errors. To date, I have trained over 60 law students in the complex world of reentry and reentry policy work.  I sit on the boards of the Correctional Association of New York, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and Network Support Services, Inc., --leveraging my expertise in the furtherance of helping those who are economically and socially disadvantaged to improve their systems involvement outcomes. I am a member of the New York City Bar, Reentry Subcommittee, a former member of the American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section, and a founding member of the National Justice Impacted Bar Association.

My life’s goal is the empowerment of underserved and marginalized communities as they become creative self-advocates who challenge policy-makers’ notion of the social contract. 

It is these reasons that I am an ideal candidate NYCLU board membership. I would bring all of my lived experiences and professional experiences to bear in the advancement of NYCLU.

Renée Campbell 
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

My interest in serving on the board of the NYCLU is simple: I have deep admiration for the organization and its agenda aligns not only with my interests, but my personal experience. This is an opportunity to bring my whole identity as a naturalized American, Black woman and mother to the table to help guide and strengthen an organization working to improve the this country and its systems. The lens I use to view the issues on the NYCLU agenda is not academic or benevolent; it is deeply personal and underscored by a sense of urgency.

I served on the board of Manhattan Country School for nine years, assuming leadership roles in development and governance during a strategic planning process that involved not only a transformative change for the school, but also its board. Throughout my career, I have developed fundamental skills in financial and strategic analysis, as well as experience in corporate responsibility and philanthropy. I am intimately familiar with the difficult choices leadership requires and the heavy responsibility directors have to promote relentless pursuit of the mission along with effective organizational management.

I firmly believe that organizations are strengthened when they reflect the perspectives of those they seek to serve. And that those who are served have the agency to inform and shape the agenda of the organizations that advocate for them. The NYCLU is actively shaping the future of New York, and this is an opportunity for me to bring my resources to bear in support of that effort.

Brooke Ellison
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

For innumerable reasons, there is no time in my lifetime when our civil liberties have been more at peril, nor when we have such opportunity to do important and meaningful work. It has been a true privilege to serve as a Board Member of the New York Civil Liberties Union for the past three years, under what has been an immensely difficult time for our democracy and the people who live in it. I see these next three years as no change, with perhaps only new battles to fight. New battles to win. There is work to be done, and I feel fortunate to sit side-by-side those who are so eager to take it head on. There are lessons I have learned that I hope will help shoulder this responsibility. It is a continued privilege to serve as a Board Member and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

Tracy Givens-Hunter
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I believe in NYCLU’s fight to protect every New York resident’s civil liberties.  My commitment to the NYCLU fight is proven by my actions.  I am actively involved in NYCLU’s efforts to lobby the NYS governor, senators and assembly to pass laws protecting and improving civil liberties laws; and I’m devoted to the fight for bail reform, voting rights, women’s rights, ending solitary confinement, parole reform and police reform.  I am also closely involved with my local Hudson Valley NYCLU chapter. I attend monthly meetings and help coordinate events to raise funds and recruit members. I am working closely with the chapter’s efforts to have Hudson Valley Cities and towns pass the Right to Know Act. My goal as a member of the NYCLU state board is to ensure the organization is successful in their efforts to be champions and leaders in protecting and moving forward NYS residents’ civil liberties.

Julie Kowitz Margolies
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

The Bill of Rights protects the foundations of our human dignity:  the rights to express our beliefs freely, to protest, to be free from unwarranted government intrusion into our private lives, and to be treated equally under the law.  As after 9/11, the current pandemic crisis raises the specter of the government exploiting fear to undermine and erode our rights in ways that persist long after this crisis has passed.  The NYCLU will be critical to ensuring our civil liberties are not compromised under the guise of public safety. 

As an attorney and mediator, I have devoted my work to civil rights and liberties, including reproductive rights, employment, and the rights of incarcerated women. I brought this experience to my prior service on the NYCLU Board, during which time I held several leadership roles, including chairing the Development and Nominating Committees, serving on the Executive Committee, and serving as Board Vice President.  I hope to have the opportunity to bring my experience, institutional knowledge, and passion for civil liberties to the NYCLU Board and would be honored to serve again.

Arjun Patel
Nominated by the Nominating Committee               

It is my privilege to seek re-election to the NYCLU Board. During my time, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the critical work it takes to defend our civil liberties and redoubled my passion for the important subjects the NYCLU focuses on--voting rights, racial justice, among others.

As the son of immigrants who came to this country because of the availability of public services for my disabled brother, I’m deeply committed to the rights of all populations that are vulnerable and increasingly at-risk.

Currently a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the Advisory practice, I’ve spent my career working with clients to adapt to rapid change--like what the NYCLU faces today. I lead several diversity initiatives, serving as a Diversity Champion and advancing workplace fairness and gender equity awareness.

If elected, I will apply my skills to increase awareness, membership and fundraising among individuals in the private sector. I would be honored to have your support.

Insha Rahman
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

It has been such an honor to serve on the board of the New York Civil Liberties Union over the past three years—a time of unprecedented challenge under the Trump administration and unparalleled opportunity as Albany turned “triple blue” in 2018. I have been proud to watch the organization grow in size, power, and ability over my first term and to see the truly transformational work happening across our work in litigation, advocacy, and policy.

I would love to serve on the Board for another three years to help this organization build upon these successes and navigate the future. While the challenges themselves look different under a Republican versus a Democratic regime, the need to defend civil liberties and hold firm on our freedoms remains ever-present. In particular, the NYCLU can and must truly have a presence statewide to make the impact of recent wins be effective in all corners of the state. In my next term, I would like to focus on supporting our existing chapters in Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Albany, Syracuse, and western New York, and to help them grow and build more power to support transformative change statewide. I would also like to continue to see the organization grow its work in the criminal justice and immigrant justice arenas—two key areas where much good work has begun to happen in New York but much more is still needed.

As a former Bronx public defender and someone who has worked in criminal legal reform for almost two decades, I have seen firsthand the importance of NYCLU’s work. I hope to partner with the organization to play a small role in continuing to support our remarkable momentum.

Claudia Salomon
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I am a partner in Latham & Watkins’ Litigation Department and regularly serve as an arbitrator. I am lead counsel with NYCLU on two major voting rights cases, NAACP, Spring Valley Branch et al v East Ramapo Central School District, challenging the at-large method of electing the school board under the Voting Rights Act, and League of Women Voters of New York v NYS Board of Elections, challenging the constitutionality of the 25-day voter registration cut-off.  Other recent pro bono matters include assisting the ACLU Immigration Rights Project, obtaining the release of my client sentenced to life without parole as a juvenile, and obtaining a green card for my client under the Violence Against Women Act.  I previously served as the President of a PAC dedicated to electing pro-choice women.  I would bring to the Board my strategic thinking, cross-cultural team building, organizational and leadership skills, and life-long commitment to civil liberties.

Daniel Stewart
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

The importance of the work of the NYCLU needs no expounding: we remain in crisis times, with every aspect and foundation of civil liberties under some form of attack, and we require the full range of activities that embody the daily work of the NYCLU staff. With almost five years of service on the Board, I feel more committed and more able to support the Board’s work: to respect the organization’s traditions and fights hard won, while maintaining and enlarging the place of the NYCLU for a new time and for new challenges, is fundamental to my continuing contribution. With a global perspective born of international human rights law expertise and experience—including legal advising at the United Nations and founding a non-profit in this space—bringing both questions and some answers from across the globe will further strengthen the NYCLU. I am determined to continue these responsibilities forcefully.

Paul Washington
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I am very proud to be re-nominated for NYCLU's Board. Fighting for basic human rights has always been a major concern of mine. To be able to put this impulse to use through such a truly great organization is an honor and a privilege. The work of NYCLU has without question made many New Yorkers' lives better, freer and even more meaningful. Without a diverse, committed and hardworking Board, these accomplishments and the many accomplishments yet to come could not happen. I hope to be able to continue my service to the NYCLU. Thank you.

Keisha A. Williams
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I am an attorney and the deputy director of a not-for-profit law firm. My current work includes ensuring that low-income Western New Yorkers receive a full range of civil legal services. In my capacity as Deputy Director, I assist with the annual budget, grant writing and personnel management.

I am interested in serving on the New York Civil Liberties Union Board because it is a dynamic organization with a rich history of defending and working to expand the constitutional guarantees to persons like myself, who were not originally included in the “We, the people.” It is not lost on me that the freedom, rights, and liberties we often take for granted were gained through great effort and sacrifices.

As a woman of color and an immigrant living and working in upstate New York, I would add a unique perspective that may be beneficial to the NYCLU Board.

Ellen Yaroshefsky
Nominated by the Nominating Committee

I am pleased to continue serving on the NYCLU board and to work on a range of policies, programs and issues to address the profound challenges raised by the pandemic, the Trump administration and criminal justice in New York.

I am a long-time supporter of the amazing and varied work of the organization. I have been involved, directly and indirectly with NYCLU staff in litigation in civil rights cases and in its educational work. I have worked closely with the NYCLU on school suspension issues, solitary confinement, stop and frisk, and more recently on bail issues and discovery. I also consult with the staff on various ethics issues.

On the NYCLU board, I have worked on its economic rights policy, a range of criminal justice and ethics-related issues and I look forward to continuing to assist in meeting new challenges.