In the Legislature

Legislative advocacy is a critical part of the NYCLU's interdisciplinary approach to protecting civil liberties, which also includes litigation, community organizing, and communications.

As part of its work to affect legislation the NYCLU distributes dozens of legislative memoranda each year. Legislative memoranda are position papers that the NYCLU distributes to the governor's office and to state legislators and their staffs laying out our views on bills under deliberation or on issues that we feel the Legislature needs to address.


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Legislative Memo: Equality of Rights and Protection Against Discrimination

The concept of equality under the law is a foundational principle of our democracy, yet our federal and state constitutions were written at a time when their promises of equality only protected the interests of a few. Today, our constitutional protections remain woefully inadequate.

July 14, 2020 Racial Justice LGBTQ Rights Reproductive Rights and Justice Rights of People with Disabilities Rights of Pregnant and Parenting People

Legislative Memo: COVID-19 Contact Tracers

Contact tracers are considered an essential ingredient for re-opening the State following New York on Pause. But contact tracing will only be effective if individuals who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are willing to share their contacts and if their contacts are willing to act on the information th

May 28, 2020