In response to a press report that the number of stop-and-frisk encounters conducted by NYPD officers declined during the year’s second quarter, the New York Civil Liberties Union today issued the following statement, which is attributable to NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman:

"We’re encouraged to see that the number of street stops dropped over the year’s second quarter, but the stop-and-frisk data that was leaked to the press doesn’t say anything about the number of innocent New Yorkers who were stopped during that period.

"If past is prologue, we can expect that NYPD officers subjected at least 1,000 innocent New Yorkers a day to humiliating and unjustified street stops. That is nothing to brag about.

"This reduction is a good start, but much more needs to be done to rebuild community trust and protect New Yorkers from illegal and racially biased street stops.”