In response to the resignation of NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton today, the New York Civil Liberties Union released the following statement, attributable to Executive Director, Donna Lieberman:

“Under Commissioner Bratton, the NYPD achieved a significant reduction in the use of stop-and-frisk after the NYCLU uncovered data showing that excessive use of the tactic was ineffective and discriminatory. The drop in stop and frisks corresponded with historically low crime numbers and a welcome decline in arrests for low-level offenses. We commend Commissioner Bratton for putting in place the department’s first use of force policy and implementing important trainings to keep New Yorkers safer in their interactions with police.

“Despite these accomplishments, Commissioner Bratton remains stubbornly committed to broken windows policing. This outmoded policing model of the 1990s is not effective and thrusts millions of New Yorkers into the clutches of the criminal justice system. What’s more, Commissioner Bratton continued to resist calls for transparency, particularly involving the NYPD’s use of invasive surveillance technology. We need a new era of policing in New York. The new commissioner should embrace de-escalation tactics and community-based policing.”