On Election Day, the Western Regional Office of the New York Civil Liberties Union will operate a voting rights hotline until one hour after the polls close to assist area residents who encounter problems while trying to vote.

NYCLU staff and attorneys will be available all day to answer questions and field complaints on any number of issues, including trouble using the new ballots, requests that voters present ID when it is not legally required, errors on the voter registry, or lack of accommodation for people with disabilities at polling places.

“With the transition to paper ballots and optical scanners, we expect that more people than usual will encounter difficulties while voting,” said John A. Curr III, director of the Western Regional Office. “The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. Our hotline will be open all day, and we will pursue immediate solutions to any voting problems reported.”

The hotline number is 716.332.4658. Additionally, the Western Regional Office has free voting rights informational cards in English and Spanish available at its theatre district office.