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January 24, 2020

NEW YORK - Today, President Trump spoke at the March for Life gathering on The National Mall and addressed New York's 2019 Reproductive Health Act.

In response to the President's remarks, the NYCLU released the following statement from Executive Director, Donna Lieberman:

"Today the President joined anti-abortion forces to tell lies about New York’s abortion law. He wants to take the focus off his main goal of making abortion entirely inaccessible. It’s an old smokescreen, and it won’t work.

New York’s 2019 Reproductive Health Act protects our health and abortion rights, even as states across the country roll them back. The law does three important things: It treats abortion like the health care that it is and not a crime; it holds New York to the standard of Roe v. Wade; and it protects health care professionals who provide care.

New York isn’t going backward, no matter how many lies Trump and his allies try to sell."