School-safety officers at the city’s middle and high schools made 63 arrests during a 43-day period last spring, and more than two-thirds of those arrested were African-American students, according to statistics released Monday by the New York Police Department...Critics saw the racial disparity as evidence of problems with the NYPD’s school-safety program. “The data raise concerns about black students being disproportionately arrested in the city’s schools,” said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. A similar disparity exists among the ranks of students facing suspension from school. More than half of the suspensions last year were issued to African-American students, an analysis by the NYCLU found...The rights group charged the Bloomberg administration with devoting too many resources to policing students. “Why are we employing 5,400 [school] police personnel and only 3,000 guidance counselors?” asked Udi Ofer, advocacy director for the NYCLU.