September 15, 2010

While national debate is focused on Arizona's immigration law, a quieter change in the enforcement of citizenship and visas is happening along parts of the northern border. In upstate New York, federal agents are boarding trains and buses up to 100 miles from the border, asking passengers for documents. The checks are sweeping up some foreign college students and researchers who are in the country legally, and it's causing friction with area universities...Udi Ofer: We don't live in a society where you have to carry your papers with you at all times. SOMMERSTEIN: Udi Ofer(ph) is a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union. He says two-thirds of all Americans live within the 100-mile zone. Ofer says the border patrol is going far beyond the Constitution's requirement of individualized suspicion. Mr. OFER: Not only is it a violation of our privacy rights as Americans, but quite frankly, it's also a recipe for racial profiling.