Gov. Paterson took a horrendous and dangerous step in signing legislation that bars the NYPD from using a computerized record of contacts between cops and the public to investigate crimes...The stop-and-inquire, stop-and-frisk program has been key to driving crime down in high-felony communities. The New York Civil Liberties Union and officials like Brooklyn's Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and state Sen. Eric Adams rail that cops let go without charges the vast majority of the people stopped - as if that invalidates the stops...Jeffries, Adams and the NYCLU want desperately to kill the stop-and-inquire program. Short of that, with Paterson's blessing, they are ordering Kelly to purge from electronic files the names of everyone who is stopped and let go. Preventing detectives from, say, identifying people who were in the area of a crime as witnesses or perpetrators.