Before signing a bill into law on July 16 that was introduced by State Senator Eric Adams (formerly a police officer for 22 years) and Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, Governor Paterson was bullied by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg to veto the legislation...Even now, with this law signed by the Governor, New Yorkers can be stopped again and again. What this law does not end—and why there will continue to be court action by the NYCLU and more bills in the legislature—was explained by the NYCLU executive director Donna Lieberman (Daily News, July 4): “In many communities [of color], residents are at risk of being stopped and questioned by police officers every time they step outside. Each trip to work, the subway or the store can result in an unpleasant encounter with law enforcement for no good reason.”...And how do we know how the paper files in the precincts will be used? There are other constitutional questions Kelly and Bloomberg are dancing past. The NYCLU is watching closely. I am, too.