On August 4, Rochesterians came together in a show of community support for the federal court’s ruling to repeal California’s Proposition 8...The press conference was held at the Gay Alliance’s Youth Center. Speakers included Scott Fearing from the Gay Alliance, Todd Plank from Marriage Equality New York (MENY), Chelsea Miller from the Civil Rights Front (CRF), Rev. Denise Donato of Mary Magdalene Church, Gary Pudup from the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) and Karen Goulet of Pride & Joy Families...“The support of the NYCLU for marriage equality remains unwavering,” Pudup said. “Not only do we need to stay supportive of what is going on in California, we need to also remember that we need to correct the situation here in New York State. The ideas behind Prop 8 and marriage inequality are fundamentally contrary to the constitution and to American values that one group of people cannot vote away the rights of another.”