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  1. NYCLU Response to Rensselaer County Sheriff's Renewal of 287(g) Agreement

    May 20, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinances, Law Enforcement Working for ICE
  2. Legislative Memo: New York for All Act

    February 16, 2021LegislationImmigrants' Rights, Law Enforcement Working for ICE, Immigration Reform, Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinances, Racial Justice, Family Separation, Immigrant Driver Licenses, Police Accountability, School-to-Deportation Pipeline
  3. EP-7: How NY Fails to Protect Immigrants

    December 15, 2022PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Law Enforcement Working for ICE, Family Separation, Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinances, Immigration Reform, Detention and Due Process, Immigrant Driver Licenses, Racial Justice, Civilian Oversight of Police, Police Accountability