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  1. Op-Ed: The Department of Education's Power Grip (Gotham Gazette)

    May 18, 2009PublicationEducation
  2. Column: Unchecked Policing at Our Schools (New York Metro)

    September 10, 2008PublicationRacial Justice, Education , School-to-Prison Pipeline
  3. Column: Protect the Children (New York Metro)

    June 5, 2008PublicationEducation , NYC Anti-Bullying Campaign
  4. Op-Ed: Closing Under-Used Facilities Makes Financial Sense (Buffalo News)

    March 24, 2008PublicationDue Process and Justice, Education
  5. Op-Ed: License to Stroll (New York Times)

    August 13, 2006PublicationDue Process and Justice, Freedom of Speech and Religion, Education
  6. Op-Ed: No Child Left Unrecruited (New York Daily News)

    July 28, 2005PublicationEducation
  7. Op-Ed: “Big Brother” in the Schools (New York Newsday)

    November 23, 2004PublicationLiberty and Technology, Education
  8. Op-Ed: The Looming Judicial Confrontation Over Educational Reform (New York Law Journal)

    July 12, 2004PublicationEducation
  9. Op-Ed: Deepening Racial Isolation And Despair For Black And Latino Children In New York’s Public Schools (New York Newsday)

    June 24, 2003PublicationEducation
  10. Op-Ed: All Our Students Deserve Their Dignity (Albany Times-Union)

    April 4, 2010PublicationEducation , NYC Anti-Bullying Campaign