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  1. Coronavirus and the Rights of New Yorkers

    March 19, 2020CampaignThe Education Policy Center, Rights of Incarcerated People, Due Process and Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Law Enforcement Working for ICE, Liberty and Technology, Voting Reform, Biometric Privacy, Protest Rights
  2. What you Need to Know about the Reproductive Health Act

    February 1, 2020Campaign
  3. NYPD Misconduct Complaint Database

    July 22, 2020CampaignPolice Accountability, Civilian Oversight of Police
  4. The New York for All Act

    February 24, 2020CampaignLaw Enforcement Working for ICE, Family Separation, Immigrants' Rights
  5. End Jim Crow Education in East Ramapo Schools

    September 14, 2021CampaignThe Education Policy Center, Racial Justice
  6. Repression, Surveillance, and Resistance: 20 Years after 9/11

    August 20, 2021CampaignImmigrants' Rights, Surveillance of Activists, Civilian Oversight of Police, Police Spying, Racial Justice, Biometric Privacy, Due Process and Justice, Detention and Due Process, Freedom of Speech and Religion, Liberty and Technology, Protest Rights
  7. The I-81 Story

    March 12, 2021CampaignRacial Justice, Redevelopment in Syracuse, Environmental Justice
  8. Transforming the NYPD

    September 20, 2021CampaignCivilian Oversight of Police, Police Accountability, Police Spying, Racial Justice, Stop-and-Frisk Practices, Protest Rights
  9. Transforming Policing

    February 1, 2021CampaignPolice Accountability, Civilian Oversight of Police, Racial Justice
  10. New York Police Transparency Database

    April 5, 2021Campaign