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  1. NYCLU: Shocking Treatment of Kindergartener Should be Wake-Up Call Regarding Police in Schools

    January 25, 2008Press releaseThe Education Policy Center
  2. Column: Defending New Yorkers’ Liberty in ’08 (New York Metro)

    January 24, 2008Publication
  3. Op-Ed: Roe at 35: The View from a "Safe" State (Daily Kos)

    January 22, 2008PublicationReproductive Rights and Justice
  4. LGBTQ Youth -- Steps To Make A Complaint

    January 4, 2008PageLGBTQ Rights
  5. Close Guantanamo!

    January 8, 2008PageDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Technology
  6. Editorial Board Opposition to Real ID

    January 11, 2008PageLiberty and Technology
  7. Real ID Benchmarks

    January 11, 2008PageLiberty and Technology
  8. LGBTQ Youth -- The Resources

    January 4, 2008PageLGBTQ Rights
  9. Justice in America: In our schools, on the streets, in our society

    January 21, 2008Page
  10. Roe at 35

    January 22, 2008Page