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  1. Cops and No Counselors

    March 4, 2019PublicationThe Education Policy Center
  2. Testimony on Hearing on Mayoral Control of NYC Public Schools

    March 15, 2019PublicationThe Education Policy Center
  3. Testimony on School Segregation in New York City Schools

    May 1, 2019PublicationThe Education Policy Center, School Integration
  4. Recommendations for a Memorandum of Understanding Between Schools and Police

    December 16, 2019PublicationSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, School-to-Deportation Pipeline, The Education Policy Center
  5. Stop Student Surveillance (2019)

    April 24, 2019PublicationStudent Surveillance, The Education Policy Center, Biometric Privacy, Technology in Schools
  6. Healthy Students, Healthy Schools

    May 6, 2019PublicationComprehensive Sex Education, The Education Policy Center, Reproductive Rights and Justice