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  1. Court Rejects Secrecy Loophole, Rules NYPD Must Respond To Records Request Regarding Surveillance of Protesters

    January 14, 2019Press releaseBiometric Privacy, Police Accountability
  2. Letter to the Automated Decision Systems Task Force - March 1, 2019

    March 5, 2019PublicationBiometric Privacy
  3. Legislative Memo: Net Neutrality

    April 17, 2019LegislationBiometric Privacy
  4. In Opposition of Facial Recognition Technology in Residential Buildings

    May 1, 2019PublicationBiometric Privacy
  5. NYCLU Statement on Lockport School District’s Implementation of Facial Recognition Technology

    May 30, 2019Press releaseEducation , Biometric Privacy
  6. Testimony Regarding Online Privacy

    June 3, 2019PublicationBiometric Privacy
  7. NYCLU Statement on Lockport School District’s Decision to Implement Facial Recognition in Schools

    June 28, 2019Press releaseEducation , Biometric Privacy
  8. Testimony of the New York Civil Liberties Union In Opposition to a Smart Chip Being Added to IDNYC

    October 2, 2019PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Biometric Privacy
  9. These Tech Gifts Will Spy on You

    November 25, 2019News updateBiometric Privacy
  10. How an Algorithm Puts Black People’s Health in Danger

    November 19, 2019News updateBiometric Privacy, Racial Justice