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  1. In State Addresses, Cuomo Must Announce Plans to Make New York a Progressive Leader

    January 9, 2017Press releaseFreedom of Speech and Religion, Immigrants' Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Liberty and Technology, Reproductive Rights and Justice, Education , Abortion Rights and Access, Transgender Rights, Police Accountability, Women's Equality, Biometric Privacy
  2. We asked for answers on facial recognition in schools. Our questions remain

    August 28, 2018News updateBiometric Privacy, Technology in Schools, Education
  3. Here’s What Happens When We Allow Facial Recognition Technology in Our Schools

    August 15, 2018News updateBiometric Privacy, Technology in Schools, Education
  4. Facial Recognition Cameras Do Not Belong in Schools

    June 18, 2018News updateEducation , Biometric Privacy, Technology in Schools
  5. NYCLU Statement on Lockport School District’s Implementation of Facial Recognition Technology

    May 30, 2019Press releaseEducation , Biometric Privacy
  6. NYCLU Statement on Lockport School District’s Decision to Implement Facial Recognition in Schools

    June 28, 2019Press releaseEducation , Biometric Privacy
  7. Remote Learning Could Help Level the Playing Field for Students. Why isn't it?

    October 20, 2020News updateEducation , School-to-Prison Pipeline, Racial Justice, Biometric Privacy
  8. Testimony on Broadband and the Digital Divide

    October 13, 2020PublicationBiometric Privacy, Racial Justice, Education
  9. Testimony on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution & Accessibility in NYC

    January 12, 2021PublicationBiometric Privacy, Education , Rights of People with Disabilities, Rights of Incarcerated People
  10. NYCLU Urges State to Block Facial Recognition Technology in Lockport Schools

    June 18, 2018Press releaseBiometric Privacy, School-to-Prison Pipeline, Technology in Schools, Education , Digital Discrimination, Student Surveillance