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  1. Op-Ed: Razing Homes In The Name Of Economic Development (New York Law Journal)

    June 1, 2005PublicationRacial Justice
  2. State Lawmakers Extend "Kendra's Law" For 5 Years, Despite Concerns That It Targets Men Of Color

    June 23, 2005Press releaseRacial Justice
  3. NYCLU Supports City Council Human Rights Initiative

    April 8, 2005Press releaseRacial Justice
  4. NYCLU, Human Rights Groups Call For Immediate Action On Local Human Rights Legislation

    October 20, 2005Press releaseRacial Justice
  5. Homeland Security Violates Civil Rights Of Muslim American Citizens

    April 20, 2005Press releaseRacial Justice
  6. NYCLU And Congressman Rangel Demand End To Racially Targeted Military Recruitment

    November 7, 2005Press releaseRacial Justice, The Education Policy Center, Military Recruitment
  7. Legislative Memo: Bias-Related Violence - Civil Remedy

    January 1, 2005LegislationRacial Justice