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  1. Rebuilding New York: The 2021 Agenda

    February 9, 2021PublicationLiberty and Technology, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, Reproductive Rights and Justice, The Education Policy Center, LGBTQ Rights
  2. Legislative Memo: Expanding Medicaid Coverage After Pregnancy

    September 29, 2021LegislationRights of Pregnant and Parenting People, Reproductive Rights and Justice, Racial Justice, Abortion Rights and Access
  3. Joint Testimony on Improving Maternal and Newborn Health

    November 30, 2021PublicationReproductive Rights and Justice, Racial Justice
  4. Legislative Memo: Prohibiting Drug Testing of Pregnant People

    December 13, 2021LegislationRights of Pregnant and Parenting People, Racial Justice, Reproductive Rights and Justice
  5. Public Comment to Department of Health Re: St. Peter's Health Partners and Ellis Medicine

    August 25, 2021PublicationReproductive Rights and Justice, Abortion Rights and Access, LGBTQ Rights, Transgender Rights, Racial Justice