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  1. Assembly Stands Up for Healthy Families by Passing Reproductive Services Act

    March 25, 2015Press releaseWomen's Equality
  2. Assembly Stands Up for NY’s Families, Economy by Passing Paid Family Leave

    March 17, 2015Press releaseWomen's Equality
  3. Speaker Outlines Progressive Reforms in State of City Address

    February 11, 2015Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Racial Justice, Education , Women's Equality
  4. NYCLU Applauds Expansion of NYC Paid Sick Leave Law

    February 26, 2014Press releaseRacial Justice, Women's Equality
  5. NYCLU Applauds Assembly Passage of Full Women’s Equality Act

    January 27, 2014Press releaseWomen's Equality
  6. NYCLU Applauds the City Council’s Commitment to the Rights of Pregnant Workers

    September 24, 2013Press releaseWomen's Equality
  7. NYCLU: Inaction on Women’s Equality Hurts All of New York’s 10 Million Women

    June 21, 2013Press releaseWomen's Equality
  8. NYCLU Stands Up with Senate Democrats in Support of Women's Equality Act

    June 20, 2013Press releaseWomen's Equality
  9. NYCLU Supports Vote on All 10 Women's Equality Bills

    June 19, 2013Press releaseWomen's Equality
  10. Quinnipiac Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Women’s Equality Act

    June 6, 2013Press releaseWomen's Equality