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  1. Governor Proposes Important Protections for New Yorkers Targeted by Hate Crimes

    November 20, 2016Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Immigrants' Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Rights of People with Disabilities, Education , Minors' Rights, Bullying and Harassment in School, NYC Anti-Bullying Campaign
  2. Column: Civil Rights and Liberties in the Age of Trump (New York Law Journal)

    November 30, 2016PublicationDue Process and Justice
  3. Testimony Regarding the Proposed Amendments to Section 203 of the Saratoga Springs City Code

    November 1, 2016PublicationDue Process and Justice
  4. Testimony Regarding Technology Oversight Hearing on LinkNYC

    November 15, 2016PublicationDue Process and Justice, Biometric Privacy