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  1. Department of Justice: Conditions at Kings County Hospital are ‘Highly Dangerous’

    February 5, 2009Press releaseRights of People with Disabilities
  2. Governor Proposes Important Protections for New Yorkers Targeted by Hate Crimes

    November 20, 2016Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Immigrants' Rights, LGBT Rights, Racial Justice, Rights of People with Disabilities, The Education Policy Center, Minors Rights, Bullying and Harassment in School, NYC Anti-Bullying Campaign
  3. Statement on Kendra's Law

    April 1, 2007PageRights of People with Disabilities
  4. RRP: Protecting Our Clinics Against Violence

    April 27, 2007PageRights of People with Disabilities
  5. Booklet: Civil Liberties at Work (2003)

    July 5, 2003PublicationRights of People with Disabilities
  6. Regarding Reforms To Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Care Policies In Light Of Recent Incidents

    May 11, 2010PublicationRights of People with Disabilities
  7. Proposed Regulations Relating To Aversive Behavioral Interventions

    August 14, 2006PublicationRights of People with Disabilities
  8. Testimony: Extending Kendra's Law

    April 8, 2005PublicationRights of People with Disabilities
  9. Testimony Regarding Safety and Quality of Care in Residential Facilities and Programs for People With Developmental Disabilities

    June 10, 2011PublicationRights of People with Disabilities
  10. Quality of Care in Adult Homes (Willowbrook)

    April 2, 2007PageRights of People with Disabilities


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