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  1. Respecting Our Civil Liberties In The Aftermath Of The World Trade Center Attack

    September 21, 2001PublicationLiberty and Technology
  2. Op-Ed: Freedoms Lost Are Not Easily Regained

    October 19, 2001PublicationLiberty and Technology
  3. Dangers In The Rush To Legislate

    November 21, 2001PublicationDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Technology
  4. Op-Ed: A National ID Card Is Not The Answer To Terrorism

    November 28, 2001PublicationLiberty and Technology
  5. Op-Ed: NYCLU Responds To President's Counsel Gonzales on Military Tribunals

    December 1, 2001PublicationDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Technology
  6. Testimony: Public Hearings On The Rockefeller Drug Laws, Special Housing Units, And Transitional Services For Inmates

    May 4, 2001PublicationDue Process and Justice
  7. Testimony: Dignity for All Students Act

    April 27, 2001PublicationEducation
  8. Testimony: Improving New York’s Election Process

    March 8, 2001PublicationVoting
  9. Hearings On The Department Of Parks And Recreation

    January 23, 2001PublicationFreedom of Speech and Religion
  10. Moratorium On The Death Penalty And To Examining The Role Of DNA Evidence In Law Enforcement

    January 22, 2001PublicationDue Process and Justice