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  1. Column: Police-Provoked Shootings by the Police: Excessive Force? (New York Law Journal)

    February 1, 2017PublicationPolice Accountability
  2. Op-Ed: Going Too Easy on Police Misconduct (New York Daily News)

    January 27, 2017PublicationPolice Accountability
  3. Comments Regarding Familial DNA Searching

    February 9, 2017PublicationDue Process and Justice, Biometric Privacy, Liberty and Technology
  4. Equity Should Be at the Heart of I-81 Planning Process (Syracuse Post-Standard)

    March 10, 2017PublicationRacial Justice
  5. Letter: Safer Schools (New York Daily News)

    March 18, 2017PublicationEducation , School-to-Prison Pipeline
  6. Poor New Yorkers Get Lost in the State’s Broken Public Defense System

    March 31, 2017PublicationPolice Accountability
  7. Trump, Russia, and the Fifth Amendment

    April 6, 2017Publication
  8. New York City Council Committee on Technology Oversight Hearing on Privacy of City Data (T2017-5799)

    April 24, 2017Publication
  9. Body cameras are key for police accountability. We can’t let them erode privacy rights. (Washington Post)

    June 8, 2017PublicationPolice Accountability
  10. States seize momentum on criminal justice reform (New York Daily News)

    June 8, 2017Publication