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  1. Testimony on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution & Accessibility in NYC

    January 12, 2021PublicationBiometric Privacy, Education , Rights of People with Disabilities, Rights of Incarcerated People
  2. Sign-On Letter to NYSED on East Ramapo Central School District

    February 2, 2021PublicationEducation , Voting, Voting Reform, Racial Justice
  3. Comments to NYSED on Canceling Standardized Tests

    February 5, 2021PublicationEducation , Racial Justice
  4. Rebuilding New York: The 2021 Agenda

    February 9, 2021PublicationLiberty and Technology, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, Reproductive Rights and Justice, Education , LGBTQ Rights
  5. New York City 2021 Voter Guide

    June 14, 2021PublicationVoting, Your Rights + Voting Info, Education
  6. Returning to CUNY campuses in the Wake of COVID-19

    June 28, 2021PublicationEducation
  7. What You Need to Know About New York’s Temporary Ban on Facial Recognition in Schools

    July 2, 2021PublicationBiometric Privacy, Liberty and Technology, Education , Technology in Schools
  8. Private Privilege, Public Pain (2021)

    September 14, 2021PublicationRacial Justice, Education
  9. Letter to Board of Regents on DEI Framework

    August 5, 2021PublicationEducation , Youth Activism, Racial Justice
  10. Police-Free Schools Toolkit

    September 23, 2021PublicationEducation , School-to-Prison Pipeline, Police Accountability, Youth Activism, School-to-Deportation Pipeline, Racial Justice