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  1. Vieth v. Jubelirer (Challenging political gerrymandering of congressional districts)

    July 16, 2007CaseVoting
  2. Muntaqim v. Coombe et al. (Challenging felon disenfranchisement through the Voting Rights Act)

    July 13, 2007CaseVoting
  3. New York State Board of Elections v. Torres (Challenging NY State's complex system for electing judicial candidates)

    July 6, 2007CaseFreedom of Speech and Religion, Voting
  4. Little v. LATFOR (Defending a state law that ended prison-based gerrymandering)

    August 23, 2011CaseRacial Justice, Voting
  5. Pitcher v. Dutchess County Board of Elections (Challenging barriers to voter registration for college students)

    November 6, 2012CaseVoting, The Education Policy Center
  6. League of Women Voters v. NY State Board of Elections

    November 9, 2018CaseVoting
  7. NAACP Spring Valley v. East Ramapo Central School District

    November 16, 2017CaseVoting, Racial Justice, Voting Reform
  8. Martucci v. New York State Board of Elections Et Al

    November 24, 2020CaseVoting, Voting Reform, Your Rights + Voting Info
  9. Spring Valley NAACP v. Rockland County Board of Elections

    October 29, 2020CaseVoting Rights of New Yorkers with Felony Convictions, Voting Reform, Voting, Your Rights + Voting Info