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  1. Legislative Memo: Letter to Assembly on Same-Sex Marriage Rights

    February 6, 2008LegislationLGBT Rights
  2. Legislative Memo: Human Rights Complaints

    January 2, 2008LegislationDue Process and Justice, LGBT Rights, Racial Justice, Rights of People with Disabilities
  3. Legislative Memo: Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination

    February 26, 2007LegislationLGBT Rights
  4. Legislative Memo: Strengthening Civil Rights Protections Against Bias Crimes

    February 22, 2007LegislationLGBT Rights, Racial Justice
  5. Legislative Memo: Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (2019)

    January 14, 2019LegislationLGBT Rights, Transgender Rights
  6. Legislative Memo: In Support of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act

    May 20, 2015LegislationLGBT Rights, Transgender Rights
  7. Legislative Memo: Sex Discrimination

    April 7, 1998LegislationLGBT Rights
  8. Legislative Memo: Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

    April 1, 2000LegislationLGBT Rights
  9. Legislative Memo: Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation – Insurance

    January 1, 2001LegislationLGBT Rights
  10. Legislative Memo: Bias-Related Violence -- Civil Remedy

    January 1, 2003LegislationLGBT Rights, Racial Justice


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