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  1. Statewide Coalition of 43 Organizations Calls on Congress to Reform Patriot Act before Deadline

    February 23, 2010Press releaseLiberty and Security, Patriot Act
  2. NYCLU, Federalist Society to Hold Public Debate on Civilian Trials, Military Tribunals and Terrorism

    March 10, 2010Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Security
  3. ACLU, NYCLU in Court Friday in Challenge to Warrantless Surveillance Law

    April 16, 2010Press releaseLiberty and Security
  4. NYCLU to Schumer and Gillibrand: Support Holding 9/11 Trials in NY Criminal Court

    April 28, 2010Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Security
  5. ACLU, NYCLU Sue for Records about Government's Use of Unconstitutional Spying Powers

    June 3, 2010Press releaseFreedom of Speech and Religion, Liberty and Security
  6. NYCLU Seeks Records about FBI Collection of Racial and Ethnic Data across New York State

    July 27, 2010Press releaseLiberty and Security, Racial Justice
  7. National Security Letter Recipient can Speak Out for First Time since FBI Demanded Customer Records from Him

    August 10, 2010Press releaseLiberty and Security
  8. NYCLU Urges Syracuse Lawmakers to Address Privacy Concerns, Seek Public Input on Surveillance Plan

    September 21, 2010Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Security
  9. NYCLU, Community Advocates Question Syracuse Common Council Vote on Surveillance Plan

    November 22, 2010Press releaseLiberty and Security
  10. NYCLU and CJA Petition Court for Order to Investigate and Sanction Gitmo Psychologist

    November 29, 2010Press releaseLiberty and Security, Torture