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  1. Legislative Memo: Regarding the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act

    May 18, 2015LegislationImmigrants' Rights, Farmworker Rights
  2. Legislative Memo: Farm Workers' Labor Rights

    May 1, 2007LegislationImmigrants' Rights, Farmworker Rights
  3. Equal Treatment for Farmworkers (2019)

    March 7, 2019PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Farmworker Rights
  4. Appeals Court Recognizes that Farmworkers Have a Fundamental Right to Organize

    May 23, 2019Press releaseFarmworker Rights
  5. State Legislature Passes Historic Farmworker Rights Legislation

    June 19, 2019Press releaseFarmworker Rights
  6. Letter to Lawmakers: Protect Farmworkers during COVID-19

    April 1, 2020PublicationFarmworker Rights, Immigrants' Rights
  7. Your Rights as an Agricultural Worker

    January 6, 2020Know Your RightsFarmworker Rights, Immigrants' Rights
  8. Letter to Gov. Cuomo: Funds for Undocumented Workers

    April 20, 2020PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Farmworker Rights
  9. Testimony on Impact of COVID-19 on the Workforce

    August 13, 2020PublicationFarmworker Rights, Workers' Rights
  10. New York Farm Laborer Wage Board Refuses to Set 40-Hour Overtime

    December 31, 2020Press releaseFarmworker Rights, Workers' Rights