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  1. Op-Ed: Constitutional convention will gamble away N.Y. rights (Times Union)

    October 18, 2017PublicationVoting, New York State Constitutional Convention
  2. Letter: Implement Clear Policies (Troy Record)

    October 24, 2008PublicationVoting
  3. Ask Your Candidates: Voter Guide (2018)

    October 2, 2018PublicationVoting, Ask Your Candidates, Your Rights & Voting Info
  4. Voter Guide: Rensselaer County District Attorney

    October 22, 2018PublicationVoting, Your Rights & Voting Info
  5. Op-Ed: Four Ways to Fix Voting in New York

    November 8, 2018PublicationVoting
  6. The First 100 Days

    December 11, 2018PublicationPolice Accountability, Women's Equality, Immigrants' Rights, Voting, Racial Justice, Reproductive Rights
  7. Voting Reform 2018

    March 2, 2018PublicationVoting
  8. 2019 Legislative Lookback

    July 10, 2019PublicationVoting, Immigrant Driver Licenses, Reproductive Health Act, Transgender Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  9. The 2020 Civil Liberties Agenda

    December 18, 2019PublicationCriminal Justice Reform, Voting, Privacy and Technology, Immigrants' Rights, School-to-Prison Pipeline, Transgender Rights, Police Accountability, Comprehensive Sex Education


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