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  1. Legislative Memo: Emergency Contraception – Non-Patient Specific Prescription

    January 1, 2003LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  2. Legislative Memo: Fetal Assault

    January 1, 2004LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  3. Legislative Memo: Family Health Care Decisions Act

    January 1, 2006LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  4. Legislative Memo: RRP Opposes "Monitored Birth" Bill Because It Is Overbroad, Violates Due Process (2005)

    April 1, 2006LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  5. Legislative Memo: Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act

    May 15, 2007LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  6. Legislative Memo: Emergency Contraception, Non-Patient Specific Prescription

    April 5, 2007LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  7. Legislative Memo: Parental Involvement in Minors’ Abortion Decisions

    June 4, 2008LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  8. Legislative Memo: The Healthy Teens Act

    June 11, 2008LegislationLGBTQ Rights, The Education Policy Center, Reproductive Rights and Justice
  9. Legislative Memo: Comprehensive Sex Education

    May 19, 2008LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice
  10. Legislative Memo: Prohibits Possession of Certain Condoms as Evidence

    June 1, 2010LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice, Sexual Health and Privacy