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  1. Editorial: Nassau Jail Needs a Hard Look

    January 14, 2011PublicationDue Process and Justice
  2. Schumer Visits Utica to Tout DNA fingerprinting

    January 20, 2011PublicationDue Process and Justice
  3. Students: Principal Nixed Gay Tolerance Club

    January 20, 2011PublicationLGBTQ Rights, The Education Policy Center
  4. At Schools That Closed, More Students Graduate and More Drop-Out

    January 25, 2011PublicationThe Education Policy Center
  5. Letter: The Abortion Debate (Daily News)

    January 11, 2011PublicationReproductive Rights and Justice, Abortion Rights and Access, Comprehensive Sex Education
  6. Legislative Memo: National Popular Vote

    January 18, 2011LegislationVoting
  7. Legislative Memo: Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act

    January 18, 2011LegislationAccess to Contraception