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  1. Despite Lawsuit, Syracuse Jail Continues to Endanger Children with Solitary Confinement

    December 22, 2016Press releaseRacial Justice, Education , Torture, Police Accountability
  2. Column: Unchecked Policing at Our Schools (New York Metro)

    September 10, 2008PublicationRacial Justice, Education , School-to-Prison Pipeline
  3. Column: NYCLU to City: Let Educators Handle School Discpline (New York Times School Book Blog)

    October 7, 2011PublicationRacial Justice, Education
  4. Op-Ed: 60 Years After Brown: New York is the New Mississippi (Albany Times Union)

    May 16, 2014PublicationRacial Justice, Education , School-to-Prison Pipeline
  5. Op-Ed: City Should Help Students who Misbehave (NY Daily News)

    February 3, 2015PublicationDue Process and Justice, Racial Justice, Education
  6. Op-Ed: Time to Amend State's Shameful Juvenile Justice Policy (Albany Times Union)

    March 27, 2015PublicationDue Process and Justice, Racial Justice, Education
  7. The Dignity Project (2008)

    February 22, 2008PublicationLGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Education
  8. Palm Card: What to Do If You're Stopped by the Police (English and Spanish) (2011)

    June 1, 2009PublicationDue Process and Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Liberty and Technology, Racial Justice, Education , Stop-and-Frisk Practices
  9. Testimony Regarding the Student Safety Act

    December 16, 2010PublicationRacial Justice, Education , School-to-Prison Pipeline
  10. City School Safety Data Shows Handcuffs Used Disproportionately on Black and Latino Children

    May 8, 2017Press releaseEducation , Racial Justice