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  1. Legislative Memo: Opposition to "Blue Lives Matter" Bill

    May 7, 2019LegislationPolice Accountability
  2. Legalize Marijuana

    January 2, 2019ActionPolice Accountability, Marijuana Legalization
  3. New York Should Legalize Marijuana the Right Way (2019)

    April 29, 2019Publication Marijuana Legalization, Racial Justice, Police Accountability
  4. New York Passes a Bill to Ensure No One Loses Their Home for Calling the Police

    May 17, 2019News updatePolice Accountability
  5. Legislative Memo: Police Statistics and Transparency Act

    May 20, 2019LegislationPolice Accountability
  6. Opponents of Marijuana Legalization Forget How Bad the Status Quo is

    April 29, 2019News update Marijuana Legalization, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  7. Legislative Memo: Loitering Repeal

    June 18, 2019LegislationPolice Accountability, LGBTQ Rights
  8. Court Releases Report on NYPD Reforms after Landmark Muslim Surveillance Settlement

    July 23, 2019Press releasePolice Accountability, Surveillance of Activists, Racial Justice
  9. NYCLU Statement on DOJ Declining to Bring Charges Against Daniel Pantaleo

    July 16, 2019Press releasePolice Accountability, Civilian Oversight of Police, Racial Justice
  10. NYCLU Statement on Judge’s Recommendation to Fire NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo

    August 2, 2019Press releaseCivilian Oversight of Police, Racial Justice, Police Accountability