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  1. Testimony Regarding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    November 23, 2015PublicationLiberty and Security, Privacy and Technology
  2. Testimony Regarding Technology Oversight Hearing on LinkNYC

    November 15, 2016PublicationDue Process and Justice, Privacy and Technology
  3. Stingrays

    May 7, 2015PagePrivacy and Technology
  4. Protect Your Privacy: Help Pass the New York State Electronic Communications Privacy Act

    March 17, 2016PageLiberty and Security, Privacy and Technology
  5. Comments Regarding Familial DNA Searching

    February 9, 2017PublicationDue Process and Justice, Privacy and Technology, Liberty and Security
  6. New Bill Holds NYPD Accountable for Surveillance Technology

    March 1, 2017Press releasePrivacy and Technology, Police Accountability
  7. NYCLU Rally Packs Capitol Grounds with Call for Albany to Resist Trump Agenda

    March 13, 2017Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Privacy and Technology, Women's Equality, Transgender Rights, Police Accountability
  8. City Strengthens Public Wi-Fi Privacy Policy After NYCLU Raises Concerns

    March 17, 2017Press releasePrivacy and Technology
  9. Privacy and Technology Groups Warn Ride-Share Bill Jeopardizes Passenger Information

    March 30, 2017Press releasePrivacy and Technology
  10. NYPD Body Camera Policy Ignores Community Demands for Police Accountability

    April 7, 2017Press releasePolice Accountability, Privacy and Technology